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Oculus Electric Auto Blue

Brake Pedal

Don’t use brake pedal or hand brake while accelerating.


Sudden full throttle will cause a jerky ride as well consume more current which will result in quick discharge of battery and the vehicle will give low mileage.


Ride the vehicle in economy mode in rural / traffic area for better mileage.


Overloading may cause damage to your vehicle.


Do not use batteries and charger for other purpose. Always charge the battery with only Oculus' recommended charger for Oculus Three Wheeler.


During charging time, keep MCB in off condition.


Keep the ignition key in switch off condition during charging.


In case of any discrepancy or defect in the vehicle, do not repair by yourself or roadside mechanic. Kindly report the problem and take the vehicle to the nearest Oculus dealer.


Batteries must be kept as cool as possible to ensure the long life and better performance.


During daytime, please park the vehicle in the shaded area.

Cooling Period

Don’t  charge the vehicle immediately  after riding, let the vehicle  cool down for 30 minutes and don’t run the vehicle immediately after charging. Please wait for 30 minutes.

Warranty is valid only if:

- Vehicle is delivered and subsequently serviced by an authorized Oculus Auto Industries LLP Dealer or Authorized Service Center.

– All the free and battery services offered by the company are availed as per frequency and schedule mentioned in Owner’s Manual.

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